Chemicals / Raw Materials for Chemical Products

Morimura and its affiliated companies’ capabilities,
providing new value to Chemical Products.

Chemicals / Raw Materials for Chemical ProductsChemicals / Raw Materials for Chemical Products

Morimura provides high value-added Chemical Products in collaboration with affiliated companies of outstanding technology. We offer technological propositions for development and manufacturing, through our long-term partnerships with suppliers around the world.

Main Products and Their Application

Main Products Application
Industrial cleaner / Plating agent / Passivation SurTec MMC Japan K.K.
Surface Treatment for electronic components MURATA Co., Ltd.
Surface Treatment agent for Print Circuit Board Sanwa Laboratory Ltd.
Filter Cartridges ROKI TECHNO CO., LTD.
Friction Materials (Potassium Titanate) Toho Material Co., Ltd.

Chemicals / Raw Materials for Chemical Products List

ドーコート(Cu Coat)シリーズ

Preflux(OSP) is a surface treatment agent which is aimed to prevent a corrosion on copper finished Print Circuit Board and to provide an excellent efficacy when soldering process.

Water Based Preflux
“Cu Coat Series”
Surface Treatment Materials of SurTec

We can offer solutions for various types of plating chemicals for all processes, including pretreatment and passivation.

BookSurface Treatment Materials of SurTec
Filter Cartridges & Systems

The cartridge filters have the sophisticated technology of retaining the necessary fine particles and removing the unnecessary bigger and rougher particles.
We can offer the appropriate filter for your application.

Filter Cartridges & Systems
Potassium titanate of TOHO MATERIAL

TOFIX series(Potassium titanate) have good wear resistance and μ-Stability.

Potassium titanate of
PET Release Liner

PET release liner with several types of release force produced in Clean room. We provide the products to meet customer's requirements in small Lot and short lead time.

PET Release Liner
Screen Protection Film

Screen protection film is transparent film in order to maintain visibility and protect the surface of the screen from dirt and damage.

Screen Protection Film
Embossed Carrier Tape and Cover Tape

Carrier packaging materials for electronic components like semi conductors or micro-chips.

Embossed Carrier Tape and Cover Tape
Back Grinding Tape & Dicing Tape

Back Grinding Tape :
Grinding tapes protect the surface of wafer circuits and prevent them from being damaged during back grinding.
Dicing Tape :
Pressuresensitive-adhesive tape is used while dicing various types of wafers.

BookBack Grinding Tape & Dicing Tape

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