Plastics / Resins

Synthetic resins whose applications are continually expanding.
Morimura guarantees a stable supply of these plastics,
not only in Japan but overseas.

Plastics / ResinsPlastics / Resins

Morimura provides not only the variety of synthetic resins for commodities but also valuable solutions.
Our overseas network and supply services are as effective in China and Southeast Asia as in Japan. Morimura’s logistics systems enable on-time delivery and help alleviate customer’s maintain inventories.

Commodity resins

・Polyethylene resins
・Polypropylene resins
・Polystyrene resins
・ABS resins
・Polymethylmethacrylate resins
・AS resins, etc.

Commodity resins
Engineering Plastics

・Polyamide resins
・Polyacetal resins
・Polycarbonate resins
・Polybutylene Terephthalate resins
・Polyethylene Terephthalate resins

Engineering Plastics
Super Engineering Plastics

・Polyphenylene Ether Sulfide resins
・Liquid Crystal Polymer resins
・Poly Ether Sulphone resins
・Polyetheretherketone resins

Super Engineering Plastics

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