Chemicals / Raw Materials for Chemical Products

Morimura and its affiliated companies’ capabilities,
providing new value to Chemical Products.

Chemicals / Raw Materials for Chemical ProductsChemicals / Raw Materials for Chemical Products

Morimura provides high value-added Chemical Products in collaboration with affiliated companies of outstanding technology. We offer technological propositions for development and manufacturing, through our long-term partnerships with suppliers around the world.

Main Products and Their Application

Main Products Application
Industrial cleaner / Plating agent / Passivation SurTec MMC Japan K.K.
Surface Treatment for electronic components MURATA Co., Ltd.
Surface Treatment agent for Print Circuit Board Sanwa Laboratory Ltd.
Filter Cartridges ROKI TECHNO CO., LTD.
Friction Materials (Potassium Titanate) Toho Material Co., Ltd.
Potassium titanate of TOHO MATERIAL

TOFIX series(Potassium titanate) have good wear resistance and μ-Stability.

BookPotassium titanate of
Screen Protection Film

Screen protection film is transparent film in order to maintain visibility and protect the surface of the screen from dirt and damage.

Screen Protection Film

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