MORIMURA BROS. (HONG KONG) LTD. was established in September 2000 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Japanese trading company MORIMURA BROS., INC. to build a firm footing strong base in the developing Chinese market.

Morimura can trace its roots back to Morimura Gumi, a pioneering company in Japan's foreign trade business, which was established in 1876.
After achieving success with exporting pottery and porcelain ware to the United States, Morimura Gumi expanded its business, and one new company was established after another, including NORITAKE CO., LIMITED, TOTO LTD., NGK INSULATORS, LTD., and NGK SPARK PLUG CO., LTD. The businesses have established the world's largest ceramic corporate group beyond the domestic market.

MORIMURA BROS. (HONG KONG) LTD. is in the business of exporting all kinds of industrial materials to mainland China and importing materials from China for re-export to Southeast Asia and Europe.
In the South China region, where manufacturing industries in various fields are concentrated, we accurately grasp the needs of our customers for high quality materials and provide them in the shortest possible delivery time. In addition, we continue to propose optimal materials not only in South China but also through the global network of the MORIMURA BROS., INC. Group.

Based on our mission of “Providing sincere high quality values", as “A new professional and integrated company for materials and relative knowledge”, we act as experts in Plastics/Resins, Chemicals, Ceramics and Metals to provide optimum materials with the latest information for automotive, electronics and mobile industries etc. We comply with China's anvironmental and other regulations and contribute to a sustainable society.


  • 化成品原料
  • 樹脂原料

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